Container Shipping


Whether it is a 20ft or a 40ft container you require, Teks shipping can assist in the logistics required to export your personal items or vehicles within the chosen container to your required destination. We do offer container services to several regions worldwide like Africa, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and certain countries in Europe. 

A container service option is by far the safer and more economical method of shipping in that it offers the customer sufficient space to load numerous items like cars, household, personal and commercial items. The customer reserves the right to load multiple items depending on how he or she straps the items securely to retain, accommodate or conserve space within the container. The bigger the container, the more space available to load more items as long as all items put together do not exceed the gross weight of the container. We offer both 20ft and 40ft standard-sized containers and 40ft High cube container options, please refer to our Container measurements below.

We provide services for customers who wish to rent or buy a container, and those who already own containers and only require haulage(pick-up and transportation) from door to destination. Our requirement for the delivery of the container to the required location for loading is that the location must be a secure one not blocking traffic or pedestrian. Our drivers will be right there on time with a side loader/tail lift to drop to the floor and lift the container securely onto the trailer to be then transported to the port for shipping. We offer customers a 1-3 hour freetime loading before leaving the site and depending on the initial quotation given.   


A 20ft container will generally accommodate a car and items depending on who is assisting in loading and the method of loading utilized. A 40ft container on the other hand can accommodate two vehicles and items, likewise depending on who and how it is loaded within the container. This is the general standard, especially for customers who require assistance with loading such items within the container as we have experts in Grays Essex(our loading depot) who can assist if required. Please note that our loaders often require those loose items are securely packaged before delivery to the depot to avoid any breakage or time-wasting during the loading process or damage in transit. Please be rest assured that these are seasoned professionals who have years of experience in this field as your goods will be handled with the utmost care and consideration. It is often a requirement for vehicles to be fully or partially drained of fuel to avoid any hazardous charges by the shipping line. On request, our loaders can also help with draining the fuel from the vehicle to avoid such charges.


Delivering container to door

We offer a door-to-port service option to various countries. Some customers may require the container to be brought to them(rental basis) so they can load items and secure items themselves without our assistance, this can surely be arranged. The standard time offered to such a customer can range from 1- 3 hrs free time loading, after which charges can begin. In addition, the container can be left with the customer for a day or couple of weeks to be picked back later by the shipping line as this offers the customer sufficient time to prepare, arrange and plan things properly.


Insurance Option Available

We provide our customers with links to credible insurance agencies that can assist where insurance is required for vehicles or other commodities

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Safe And Secure Rule

For a container to be delivered to a loading point, most shipping lines will require the location to be a Safe and Secure area not blocking pedestrians or traffic. The roadside or a residential area will not be accepted however a spacious area where the truck will have easy access and clear exit points without creating traffic or blockage will be sufficient. A yard where containers are often loaded or a warehouse will be acceptable.

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Shipping ports/ Time Scale

Our container shipments are often on a weekly basis and our vessels depart from several locations in the UK such as London Gateway port, Liverpool port, Ipswich port, Sheerness port, Southampton port, and Tilbury port. Please feel free to get in touch for any quote required or questions you may have.

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We offer the following types of containers:

Standard container (20 ft & 40 Ft)

Our standard-sized containers are often suited to ship vehicles, spare parts, various machinery, and commercial goods of all sorts. These containers are designed with lashing rings at the bottom top and inside the containers. Straps are used to secure the items within the container using the lashing rings as tie-down points. While a 20ft container has 20 tie-down points, a standard 40ft container will have 40 tie-down points.


Refrigerated Container

Some items like medical equipment may require that transportation be done under a certain required temperature, to avoid damage to the items. Our Refrigerated containers come with a system that regulates the internal temperature of the container. To function, this container will need to be connected to the ship’s power supply throughout the journey to make sure the temperature remains at a stable level. 

High Cube Container

High Cube containers are often required in cases where the cargo will usually not fit in a standard 40ft container due to its height. Our 40ft High Cube container secures tall cargo, diggers, or multiple cars and items all at once.



Container Measurements:

Standard 20ft Container dimensions are L=5.88m x W= 2.32m x H=2.34m

Standard 40ft Container dimensions are L=12m x W= 2.32m x H=2.37m

40ft High Cube container dimensions are L=12m x W=2.32m x H= 2.7m