Commercial Shipping


Our commercial shipping service caters to businesses that require a safe, timely, efficient, and affordable means of exporting merchandise to other businesses, be it large commercial shipments or

smaller items. We provide competitive rates for LCL(less than container load) to FCL(full container loads) to various destinations worldwide, holding ourselves to a high standard of excellence in

service. Be rest assured that no matter the volume of products we indeed have a solution, we only require that goods are well packaged and sealed to avoid any damage in transit. This service offers a

collection service to businesses that require such as our drivers are prompt and ready to assist.


Groupage Shipping

Businesses may decide to deliver products in pallets, bales, boxes, etc. We only require that the items are tightly packaged and the dimensions(L x W x H) and weight of each package is provided. As freight forwarders we do understand that the issue of pricing is usually of the utmost importance in business and so, we strive to make sure that we offer the best prices and best shipping options available, taking into consideration the number and nature of products to be exported.

TEKS offers its groupage shipping or shared container option, where the shipment is a combination of more than one supplier, who shares volumes of the container space with other suppliers hence saving costs. A groupage is grouping based on volume, the type of goods, their condition, and their final destination. The cost of filling the container will be split between suppliers and the cost considerably cheaper. Our Groupage shipping will be an ideal choice for both commercial and private trade commitments as a cheaper way of shipping for both larger and smaller consignments. Don't hesitate to call us today on 01482534066, we are here to assist!