About Us


TEKS Shipping Services is an international shipping company based in the UK.

As shipping agents in the Logistics network, we strive for timely and efficient movement or transportation of cargo to and from various ports. We aim to offer customers the best rates available and possible in addition, with our tracking option customers can keep an eye on shipment from the point of sailing to the point of destination. Whether it be vehicle shipping of saloons, trucks/trailers, SUVs, vans, motorhomes, or exporting personal/commercial goods, we do it all to various countries mainly as a result of our affiliation with major shipping lines that may serve those areas. We do offer international shipping services to countries in the Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern parts of Africa like; Tanzania, Morocco, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, and Kenya to mention but a few. We also ship to countries like Greece, India, Turkey, Malta, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, Caribbean regions, and many more.

We endeavor to make sure our customers are not in the dark by maintaining transparency and clarity in customer service both in the shipping and air freight aspect of service, with our team on standby 24/7 (round the clock) to answer any queries you may have. It is an obligation of our team as professionals, to strive to find the cheapest and most competitive prices out there and the most efficient means tailor-made for the needs of customers. The aim is not to just keep a customer for the moment but to maintain trust,  and friendship for a lifetime.


Why Choose Us


Global Delivery & Collection

Our Web Portal allows customers to know how long it takes for a vessel to arrive at its destination and using their booking number they can ascertain the whereabouts of their vessel which gives them a sense of assurance and confidence in the whole process especially when it is an international shipment. The option of arranging collection in the comfort of one's home is available for the customer as cargo can be picked up and shipped to the port of destination. This is called our Door to port service whereas, on the other hand, items can be collected at door, shipped to the port of destination, and transported to the receiver’s door. This is referred to as our Door to door service


Planned collection/delivery slots

In a case where customer requests for delivery of for example a container to a location, we endeavor to keep to the planned slots by making sure the container is delivered at the promised time, to an agreed location. Furthermore, the customer is given ample time to plan the loading process before the day of loading, with an understanding that the agreed time of 2-3 hours as obligated and prescribed by our service providers will be respected.


No Hidden Charges

Be rest assured that our expectations in regards to payments will not surpass what was initially agreed upon before booking. We strive to make our rates are reasonable and flexible and fortunately our links with ocean carriers as registered freight forwarders in the UK, we are afforded such competitive rates to offer clients.

Our charges will be clearly stated on our quotes, the shipping charges often relate to UK custom clearance, terminal Handling charges in the UK, Preparation of custom documentation(Bill of Lading),Boarding of carrier vessel, strapping and securing of the cargo, etc. Required charges can, however, be included at customers' request, like insurance, arranging the inspection, and so on.


Global Door-to-Door Shipments

TEKS offers competitively priced door–to–door national and international shipping services for your goods. Our prices are a reflection of the benefits our customers can enjoy due to our strong ties internationally via our worldwide agencies network.

We can therefore boldly claim of having a good understanding of the shipping process in each country and we are committed to protecting you from unnecessary costs and pride ourselves in safeguarding your shipment to its destination.


We are in partnership with many shipping lines in the UK and can ship vehicles, cargo, and personal effects at the most affordable price possible. If you are looking to export cargo then feel free to give us a call for an inquiry.

Our company was formed to handle and facilitate the increasing business between the UK, East, and West Africa. We offer highly competitive air freight rates to all destinations.

Our charges are affordable following payment, the cargo can be shipped overseas from port of departure to destination port.

We attend to all the export paperwork including the UK clearance, booking shipping space on the vessel, and safe storage of vehicle at UK port before shipment.

We export and ship cars and cargo to many international countries, feel free to contact us for rates.