Container Shipping
17 Feb 2022

Container Shipping

TEKS Shipping Services provide container shipping services for export cargo, personal goods and removals purposes to all the major destinations worldwide, we will deliver the container to the client’s address for loading, once loading is complete we will transport the container to the port for export to your destination.  We also offer Container loading service for clients who may wish to use this service at our Warehouse, Most of our container vessels depart from Tilbury port, all other major UK ports are also supported.

FCL  / LCL Container shipping

FCL is applied when you require your own container for your goods, while LCL is applied when your cargo cannot fill a container, we offer you LCL service within major ports of the world. We arrange the shipping of various sized freight containers including 20ft containers, 40ft containers and 40ft high cube containers.

Drop and Pick FCL shipping

If you need more time to load, block and brace your FCL cargo, we offer drop and pick service. If applicable, we will bring the container at your loading location for 2-3 days or more. When you are finished our driver will return the full container load back to the container shipping terminal.

Please contact us for a competitive FCL/LCL rate.

Side Lifter FCL shipping

We can deliver the container to your warehouse, home address, office or storage unit anywhere within the UK. Tilt tray truck will slide the container off the rear of the truck into place at your premises for 3 hours to allow you to load your goods. Once loaded, our driver will deliver the container back to our warehouse ready to be shipped.

We can also palletize, crate your full container load cargo or block and brace cars at extra cost however you may load and secure your personal goods in a container yourself. When you are finished loading and securing your cargo, the truck driver will seal, side lift the container on to the truck and return the full container load to start its international Journey.

Please contact us for a competitive FCL/LCL rate.

Warehouse/Terminal Loading LCL/FCL shipping

For international moving we can provide you with complete bonded warehouse service. You can deliver your personal goods and vehicle to our warehouse facility or loading dock and we will provide the consolidation for you.

Experienced international freight loading company will lock, brace and secure your cargo in appropriate size of 20’ or 40’ ocean freight container and deliver it to the sea port of international container shipping.

Using warehouse FCL service for your international goods transportation is one of the most convenient and efficient way of container shipping full container load household goods. This method will help you save some funds on the inland pre-carriage cost of the international shipment.

Please contact us for a competitive FCL/LCL rate.

We offer the following types of containers:

Standard container (20 ft & 40 Ft)

Cars, machinery, spare parts and personal goods can be shipped to countries by use of standard containers.
These containers are multi-purpose and can be used to ship nearly all types of goods.

Refrigerated Container

Refrigerated containers come with a system that controls the inside temperature of the container. This needs to be plugged in to the ship’s power supply the entire time it is on transit to ensure the temperature remains at the desired level.
Refrigerated containers can be used to transport all sorts of goods, but the main products include perishable items such as flowers, fruits , vegetables and plants.

High Cube Container

Although similar to standard containers, high cube containers are 1 foot taller, and are usually 40 foot long.
High cube containers can be used for shipping any type of cargo. However, it is commonly used to ship machineries e.g. diggers, or cars. It is also commonly used for shipping tall cargo that would usually not fit in a standard container.

Container Measurements:

Standard 20ft Container dimensions are L=5.88m x W= 2.32m x H=2.34m

Standard 40ft Container dimensions are L=12m x W= 2.32m x H=2.37m

40ft High Cube container dimensions are L=12m x W=2.32m x H= 2.7m